Jonno Chipchase. A class. 59kg, 36 A class fights. Ex-British, and European Champion.

– Ranked #2 in the World by MTGP.

– Ranked #2 in the U.K.

Mikey Chipchase. Jnr. 36kg. 100+ Interclubs, and fights. English Champion.

– Ranked #1 in the U.K.

Ben Mason-Gallagher. 82.5kg. A class: 11/0/0 (2KO)*

– Ranked #3 in the U.K.

– WBC National Champion

– Amateur Yokkao U.K Champion

Logan Ditondo. 60kg. B class: 7/0/1 (2KO)*

– Amateur Yokkao U.K Champion

– FM Sandee 63kg tournament Champion

Milosz P. N class. 70kg. 1/0/0*

Ward. B. N class. 76kg. 1/0/1*


Seaghan C. 64kg. C class: 4/0/1*

Loui K. 67kg. C Class: 4/0/1*

Airam L. 74kg. C class. 1/0/0

Macauley C. 65kg. 1/0/0*

*Including N class records.